Messi wore Red Limit Messi 16.1 Football boots

Adidas releases its new series of Red Limit officially at weekends. The players who have signed contracts with adidas all wear the red series Football boots. Messi, in the match of Spanish League this midnight, wore the red and white colored Messi 16.1 Football boots.
It was released last week. Although Messi didn’t do much test of this Football boots during his training, he wore the new colored Messi 16.1 Football boots in the match this morning. Of course, it is a pity that Messi didn’t wear Pureagility, which is one of his exclusive series. However, from the guarantee of the game, adidas cannot do more. After all, this is Messi’s personal habit, who is one of the best two players in the world.
Barca, in order to not use the same color of the socks as Real Madrid, chooses the red socks for the match, which is more matched for Messi’s new Football boots. By the way, Neymar, who supports for Messi, changed his Football boots during the match. Omni camouflage, and his own AJ camouflage didn’t make Barca win the game.
What do you think of the latest colored Messi16.1 worn by Messi? Is the new color pretty?

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