Inspiring! Playing Football Like Jordan!

Lots of my friends know that I like playing basketball. I started to watch NBA since I was 6 and later I was fond of Slamdunk. Jordan’s last shot in his last match in 1998 and Mitsui Hisashi’s touching line “Coach Anzai, I want to play basketball.” became one of the most vivid memories in my childbood.

In our times, most of people began to touch the basketball because of Kobe and Iverson; therefore, it is understandable that Kobe lives in our youth. Although Kobe and Jordan are neck and neck in basketball, in my heart, Jordan is perfect without any flaws. You can only be close to him, but you can never surpass him. In my eyes, even his return that was criticized by many people is flawless.
Jordan’s name with the number 23 has great influences on a generation. When I was a child, I often wore a basketball vest and sneaked into the basketball curt of my middle school in a hot summer and I was kicked out again and again by the school security. Dribbling, shooting, and sticking the tongue out, Jordan’s postures in the match were engraved on my mind and I wanted to be like Jordan. Until now, I still remembered that I already have lots of things related to Jordan, from video disks, photos, basketball clothing, to Air Jordan’s clothes and shoes. In the basketball curt, I still recall the process when Jordan got a point. When I take a shoot, I feel that my happiness is pouring out.
I always wonder that in this world, there are millions of people are like me wearing number 23 jersey and a pair of Air Jordan shoes, feeling the inspration from Jordan, and fighting and defending like Jordan. However, this feeling is fragile. Until one day, I really feel the existence of the strong power. The power is so real, strong, and exciting. The power is in the America and called Jeffrey Harrison.

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