Things About Air Jordan 1 with Black and Red Colors

In September, many basketball lovers pay their attention on the pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro OG High shoes, which is the seventh official sales of the black and red series and also the sixth replica. The OG version was released on September 15, 1985. Nine years later, the first replica arrived in 1994. In 2001 and 2009, two replicas arrived. In 2011, the replica was displayed with the Banned theme. The year 2013 also saw the return of the replica of the OG version. Therefore, the black and red series in this year is also the seventh OG replica.
The version in this year has better leather. The appearance of the replica is almost like the OG version. However, the leather quality is upgraded. The litchi rind is adopted, which makes the shoes visually exquisite and delicate. A taste of fashion is inserted into the shoes while the classic colors of black and red are inherited. The trendy Air Jordan 1 High will look great with other clothes.
The Air Jordan 1 High shoes belong to not only the Bred theme series but also the Banned theme series. Therefore, many people are agruing about which one the shoes actually belong to. The offical name for the shoes is the Banned theme series. People began to know the Banned theme from the Air Jordan 1 High “Banned” in 2011. The X character in the back heel is eye-catching and is the representative of the Banned theme.
With the black and white colors, the shoes has linings with 841018X characters in white. The 841018 indicates the specific date on which Michael Jordan wore the pair of black and red shoes. The X character indicates that the pair of shoes was banned by the league. Next to these characters is the US size.

The man and woman Air Jordan 1 High shoes are sold respectively at¥1299 and ¥899. However, the woman shoes are made from a kind of smooth leather rather than the litchi rind. The difference can be seen from the official picture.

The problem that most people are concerned about is the supply. Some readers provide the following related leads about the shoe supply.

Only 6000 pairs or less of shoes are at the Offical Chinese Nike website. However, the number of pairs of shoes that you can wear is only five to four hundredd due to different size.
There are only twenty or thirty pairs of shoes in some stores of China.
Ther global supply is about 0.1 million to 0.2 million pair of shoes.

For the NIKE Air Jordan XI 72-10 shoes in last year, the supply through distributors is more than 1 million, which excludes the supply in direct stores of Nike and the supply on global websites. However, the supply of that shoes is not sufficient this year. Therefore, the supply of Air Jordan 1 black and red is way too insufficient.

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