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Recently, Air Jordan 4 “wish you big fortune” version, which is the joint product of The Remade, a sneaker customizing company, and 400ml, the team of graffiti and creativity, gets really popular among all the social media. This is the third sneaker for Chinese New Year after the cooperation of the two teams for Air Jordan 1 “wish you big fortune” in 2015, and Air Jordan 11 “wish you big fortune”. If you haven’t yet seen the pretty cool customized sneaker, you can enjoy the promotion pictures below in advance.
This series of Air Jordan 4 “wish you big fortune”, the family suit of the customized sneakers, continue the China Red style for the previous two years. The shoe body is made of flocked leather with lychee patterns with outstanding touching. The fish scale in the middle of the shoe sole means there are always something good left at the end of the year. In addition, the shoe tongue and the heel are marked with letters to appeal to theme of “wish you big fortune”.
It is worth mentioning that except the sneaker, this time Air Jordan 4 “wish you big fortune” family suit get the customer customized sneakers and will be released in luxury suit, including the special wooded boxes, hand towel with character “發”, which means big fortune, Chinese knot, and other illustrations. This makes the shoe worth collecting!
It take at least 20 hours to make every single pair of this Air Jordan 4 “wish you big fortune” version. And at the same time, there are “wish you big fortune” version fleeces with hat or not for both children and adults to be released. This continues the Chinese style and enriches the daily accessories for fans.

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