The series of varicolored Air Jordan I “Season of Her”have been on sale

Jordan Brand pushes out the series of Air Jordan I “Season of Her”with Michael Jordan’s 10 legendary instants for the arena as the inspiration of color design. The shoes are specially exclusive for the girls with injecting 10 various colors of gold, green, blue, pink, and so forth, which brings a huge surprise for the girls.


In the final of 1991 that “PURPLE EARTH” salutes for, the Bulls that Jordan led defeated the Lakers that “Magician” led, being the first champion. While the inspiration is from Jordan who defeated his opponent in the competition with the classic handover for lay-up

The whole body of “PURPLE EARTH” is covered with the color of purple, and the vamp with satin and suede, as well as some classic elements of Air Jordan match with the hue and saturation of Macaron, which is extremely attractive for your sight, “PURPLE EARTH” shows on various styles.


In 1985, Jordan vigorously flied to dunk with the backboard shattered in the Italian Nike All-star Game. The inspiration of “ICE PEACH” exactly derived from the jersey that Jordan wore at that time. “ICE PEACH” shapes the flexible off-site styles for you.


In the second game of the first-round for playoffs in 1986, Jordan struggled hard for Celts, successfully gaining 63 scores that no one can break hitherto, the inspiration of “MINT FOAM” is from Celtics jerseys. “MINT FOAM” plays the refreshing temperament for the blooming youth


Gaining 44 scores after 3 extra hours when confronting with the strong Suns in 1993, he showed his energy and the art of his body for publics, from which the inspiration of design for the pair of “MINT FOAM” derived. “MINT FOAM” shaped youth with brilliant radiance

“Sun Blush”

In 1996, Jordan led the Bulls to create the optimal achievement with winning the fourth champion, opening the mode of dynasty, “Sun Blush”saluted for the legend. “Sun Blush” emits the infinite vitality with the luminous hue.

“Light Aqua”

In 2002, Jordan returned to the arena for the second time against Charlotte Hornets, there was only 50 days away from his 39th birthday, and he gained 50 scores, “Light Aqua”saluted for this ageless elite. “Light Aqua” creates the dynamic style for you to wear

Do you feel vigorous after being aware of the origin of their colors? With wearing different styles at your option, which one do you prefer?

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