FIBA World Basketball Cup is coming! The Air Jordan 12 is all exposed!

Early at the end of last year, it was said that the new FIBA colored Air Jordan 12 would be for sale in the summer of 2019. Finally, after the exposure of the detailed pictures of every single part of the sneaker in the internet, this sneaker has its confirmed sales date and complete outlook. Different from OG, this Air Jordan 12 has white leather sneaker face matched with red inner side. Its tie locks are golden rather than the previous cherry red. The dark lined flag and the Chinese embroidery of “心只為此燃”make this sneaker stand out. As is known, 2019 World Basketball Cup (the 18th FIBA World Basketball match) will be held in China, so the letters are written in Chinese and are matched with 23 carved letters. It is of great collection value. This Air Jordan 12 FIBA will be for sale on Aug 24th, priced 190USD.

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