What’s the highlight of Nike KD 9 Elite, which is considered to exceed its generation?

Nike KD 9 Elite is what we call KD 9 Elite, which updates some defects of KD 9. Then what’s its highlight?

First of all, Nike KD 9 Elite has more colors than KD 9. And many people like the Flyknit technique of Nike KD 9 Elite. It is worth mentioning that some brands it China have developed some sneakers that have similar materials like Flyknit. The mots representative one is KT4.

With the application of this technique, Nike KD 9 Elite has a better performance in flexibility and is lighter. And the visual air zoom is really new and special, which is a highlight in aesthetics.

On the other hand, many inspectors indicates that Nike KD 9 Elite has a great performance of anti-break resistance, as well as a great anti-twist performance. And its swoosh technique attracts many sneakerheads.

Of course, there are some defects in Nike KD 9 Elite. For example, it is not suitable to use outdoors. And the connecting of the front sole and middle sole is not that strong, which may break down.

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